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Trailblazing Alumna is on a Mission to Change the Face of Her Field

Alumna Rianka Dorsainvil owns a virtual financial planning company, and this year, she launched the 2050 TrailBlazers podcast to discuss issues of diversity in her profession.

An elective class at Virginia Tech changed Rianka Dorsainvil’s life - literally.

After receiving a C in a vector geometric calculus course, the frustrated math major decided to try a personal finance class. She was hooked.

“I was literally blown away,” Dorsainvil said. “This is where we learned about credit scores, retirement planning, disability insurance, and student loans. I was like, ‘This is very tangible information that we can use today.’”

Now, more than 10 years later, Dorsainvil is considered one of the top financial planning experts in the country. A Maryland-based certified financial planner professional, she runs her own virtual financial planning company with a focus on working with millennials. She also is a sought-out speaker and interview subject for a variety of national business news publications and television outlets, including CNBC, Forbes, Marketwatch, and USA Today.



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