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The Journal of Financial Planning - July 2018: 10 Questions

Rianka Dorsainvil on Diversity, the Power of Planning, and Serving Young Professionals.

WHO: Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP®

WHAT: Founder and president of Your Greatest Contribution; creator and host of the 2050 TrailBlazers podcast; 2016 FPA NexGen president; 2014 FPA Diversity Scholarship​recipient 

WHAT'S ON HER MIND: “We do what we do because we have this innate push to empower, educate, and inform—that’s the next generation of financial planners.”

1. Finish this sentence: The power of financial planning is ...

… empowering others with the knowledge that will help them achieve their goals and spread knowledge to their family and friends, which will ultimately increase the cycle of wealth-building.

2. Earlier this year you launched 2050 TrailBlazers, a podcast aimed to address the lack of diversity in the planning profession. What’s the one thing all planners can do today to have a measurable impact?

We, as individuals, are so powerful, and we don’t know the impact that we make in other people’s lives, whether it’s a client or a colleague. Just learning about one another is so important.

We spend more time with our colleagues during the week than we do with our actual family, so the most important thing financial planners can do—or all people within the financial service industry—is to not only learn about their client’s culture, but what if we started to learn about each other?

Sharing stories amongst each other, amongst colleagues, and asking questions of your fellow financial planners will increase awareness and familiarity with people of diverse backgrounds.

So, take a curiosity approach to your colleague who doesn’t look like you, or who may have come from a different socioeconomic background, or may have a different sexual orientation. And let’s give each other grace as we try to figure this out. I think, ultimately, it will not only make us great people, but great colleagues and great financial planners.

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