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Ten to Watch: Rianka Dorsainvil, Chair, Financial Planning Association’s NextGen Program

Rianka was chosen as one of Wealth Management's 2017 Top Ten to Watch

If the financial-advisory industry needs a spokesperson to help more young students and professionals recognize that it is a welcoming industry for people like them, Rianka Dorsainvil is about as good as it gets.

The 30-year-old founder of her own financial-planning firm Your Greatest Contribution (YGC) in Washington, D.C., fell “completely in love” with the idea of giving financial advice professionally after taking a financial planning 101 course as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech.

Before then, Dorsainvil said she never considered a career as an advisor. Many students enter post-secondary education with the intention of being a doctor, lawyer or accountant, but she didn’t know anyone intending to pursue wealth management. At job fairs on campus, wealth managers were sparse or nonexistent.

See Rianka's full profile here.

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