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AdvoKate: Where You Start the Race Matters

Kate Healy (Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional) interviews Rianka and Eric Toya.

While it’s been a few weeks since we wrapped up this year’s National LINC, there’s one voice I can hear as if she’s still right in front of me. We had the pleasure and privilege to hear Viola Davis, award-winning actress of film, television and theater, share her personal, powerful story of overcoming adversity and preconceived restrictions.

Growing up in poverty is difficult enough. Add that hers was the only black family in a small Rhode Island town, and suffering years of abuse — her remarkable journey of courage and forgiveness has really stuck with me. Ms. Davis reminded the audience that, “You don’t know where the other person started the race.” The same is true for all of us – your associates and your clients. Yet often, despite our best efforts, unconscious biases get in the way of seeing what’s truly in front of us.

As an industry, we have real work ahead to ensure that all clients who walk through the door to begin a relationship are welcomed by someone ready to meet them where they are, be open and truly listen. One step toward this is to attract and nurture financial planners who better reflect the diverse population they serve.



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