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A Peek Inside Her Agenda: Rianka R. Dorsainvil

Her Agenda finds out what makes Rianka tick.

Growing up, Rianka Dorsainvil, CFP®, never imagined that she would dedicate her career to helping others plan their financial futures. But she knew that she had a love for math and connecting with people.

Her interest in financial planning began when she took a finance course at Virginia Tech, during a time when credit card companies were still allowed to visit campuses and encourage students to get credit cards, even though they were still in college and most likely without a full-time job. With her newfound knowledge of credit scores, loans, and how they can impact your financial future, Rianka started giving her classmates financial advice. Now, she’s a CFP® pro and owner of the firm Your Greatest Contribution.

Rianka’s desire to help people reach their financial goals was evident in the first minutes of our interview. Her warm, welcoming, and compassionate demeanor completely diminishes the myth that financial advisors just spend their time crunching numbers behind a computer keyboard.

Her Agenda sat down with Rianka to learn more about her career as a CFP® pro, how millennials can begin saving for their retirement now, and what keeps her inspired to help others attain financial freedom.



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